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If you share enough good ideas with the right people, you will generate wealth as a natural side effect of exercising your idea muscle — and from your innate desire to help others.

Nine years ago I was looking at the website of an innovative outsourcing company in India.

They had a very cool website and an office in the United States. They also had some well-known, major clients in the publishing industry. But the website contained some serious writing errors that needed to be fixed.

I wrote them a short email saying that I liked their website very much, and pointed out some of the mistakes. I also mentioned that book publishers are super-conscious about any kind of spelling or grammatical errors. Since those kinds of errors on the website could seriously hurt their business and their ability to attract new clients, they should have them corrected.

To my surprise, the president of the company wrote back to me within twenty-four hours. He sent a thankful note and asked if I could edit the copy on the entire website, so it would be 100% error-free and in proper English.

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Thanks to the Internet it’s now easier to start a business than ever before. You can now live and work anywhere in the world (be “location independent”).

In addition, you can experience greater levels of personal freedom than past generations, in terms of where you live, how you generate income, and how you spend your time.

Why work in a cubicle the rest of your life or for an organization you don’t believe in? If you’re smart and motivated, you can design your own lifestyle and fund it through income streams or businesses of your own creation.

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