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On a rare vacation, four hours from Sarajevo, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

That’s me on a very rare vacation, four hours away from Sarajevo, in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the Adriatic. Life can be good, every now and then.

A little bit about me, D.R. Fideler . . .

I’m an experienced entrepreneur and have started over half-a-dozen businesses, mainly in the fields of book publishing, communications, and education.

One of my companies designs and creates books for some of the leading publishers in the world, and I’ve personally helped to bring well over 100 books into print.

My new project, Creative Blueprint Academy, offers online video courses for people who want to develop new professional skills, and to create their own opportunities — and I’m the creator of the Get Greta Clients Anywhere Masterclass.

Born in the United States, I live with my wife and son in Sarajevo, and work with clients around the world. I’m also an advocate of location-independent businesses, because they allow you to work with anyone, anywhere — so you’re not limited to a small, local market.

Why This Blog? And Why Now?

I strongly believe that we live in a radically changing world of employment options and job security . . .

As more employment opportunities become less and less appealing, people who can generate their own ideas and create their own opportunities will have a much greater ability to define wealth, freedom, and meaning on their own terms. They will also possess greater financial security.

I’m Here to Help

With my background and experience, I’m here to help.

My work — and this website — is dedicated to people who want to generate their own ideas and create their own opportunities.

And I’ve created the Creative Blueprint Academy to offer step-by-step, practical training for owners of location-independent service businesses.

Want to Know More?

Now that we’ve gotten all of those serious matters out of the way, here are Twenty Unusual Things You May Not Know About Me.